Relocation Update – January 2018 (2nd)

Hi everyone

Vicki Ward updated the Parent Council on Monday regarding the Relocation progress. It is as follows.Building & excavation works start this week on site

  • Detailed room specifications for every class has been completed-where light switches will be, electrical points, shelving, fridges, even down to where the clock will be on the walls! This was completed by the St Andrews Staff and Vicki Ward
  • Additional rooms within the school include a music room, art room, life skills room, rebound therapy room, therapist rooms and sensory rooms
  • Tracking- Three main sections of school will be Early Years, Primary, and Senior. Within each of these areas, there will be one fully tracked room, one partially tracked room, and one room with no tracking. In the rooms with no tracking however, there will be retro fittings in place if the need arises to fit track in the future. The tracking systems will also be added to the toilet areas off of the tracked classrooms. There will also be tracking where required within the sensory/therapy rooms etc
  • Staff will use a Fob system for locking and unlocking doors within their classrooms
  • Push Pad Doors- At the moment the Project Manager has said that we will not be using Push pad doors (like we currently have) throughout the school. Vicki thinks that it is really important that we have Push pad access throughout our school- various reasons- practicality for manual handling children in wheelchairs & equipment, but also life learning skills for children to get around the school. She is going to go back to the Project Manager and see what can be done about getting these installed.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to email me, or get in touch with Vicki.