Head Teacher – Mrs Gina Drummond

Depute Head – Mrs Vicki Ward & Mr Scott Neish

Office Staff – Mrs Fiona Forman and Ms Dorothy Grant

School Janitor – Mr John Thompson

Teaching Staff 

Room 1 – Mrs Yvonne Christie (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) Mrs Jane Hay (Thursday, Friday)

Room 2 – Mrs Tina Barnes

Room 4 – Mrs Joanne Fearn (Monday and Tuesday), Mrs Lynda Sutherland (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Room 5 – Miss Carol Smith

Room 6 – Miss Laura MacGillvray

Room 7 – Miss Theresa Moar (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) Mrs Wilson (Thursday, Friday)

Room 8 – Mrs Lynne Downie (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) Mrs Vicki Ward (Thursday, Friday)  & Mrs Fiona Hamilton (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Room 11 – Mrs Gill Duthie

Room 12 – Mrs Carol Rehda (Monday, Tuesday, Friday) Mr William Allan (Wednesday, Thursday)

Room 14 – Mrs Lara Cameron

Room 15 – Miss Tara Kennedy (Monday, Thursday, Friday) Mrs Emma Raithbone (Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mr Archie McBean

Mrs Isabel Wilson

Music Specialist – Mrs Linda Vickers

PE Specialist – Mrs Fatime Plavecz

Maternity Leave –  Mrs Emma Craik

Early Years Practitioners – Karen Leslie, Irene Bolda,  Ann Findlay, Heather Taylor,  Kelly Johnstone,  Claire Ingram, Rebecca Hay, Vicky Mackie, Lyndsay McKeon and  Kelly Wright

Pupil Support Assistants –  Nancy Morrison,  Ann Webster,  Margaret Scott,  Kay Adam,  Leslie Findlay,  Julia Wilson,  Cathy Smith, Edna Pirie, Jane Salter, Deborah Collinson, Shona Strachan, Gwen Edwards,  Jane Angus, Karen Booth,  Fiona Stubbs, Denise Christie, Lynn Falls, Alison Paton,  Mel Wallace, Rebecca McCarn, Karen Booth, Nadine Smith, Kirsty Findlay, Julie Donaldson, Jenny Bird, Charlie Moynagh, Marion Milne and Katy Milne

Kitchen Staff – Anne Innes and Wendy Benzie

Cleaning Staff – Sandra Sutherland, Isobel McIntosh and Margaret Stevenson

Community Team

Speech and Language Therapist – Kathryn Pirie (Maternity Leave) Christine Richardson

Speech and Language Assistants – Alison Broad and Frances Ratcliffe

Child Development Team

Occupational Therapist – Fiona Clarke

Speech and Language Therapist – Beth Marletta

Speech and Language Assistant – Carly

Physiotherapists – Dianne Moore and Siobhan Mutch

Therapy Support Worker – Colleen Black