Relocation Update – January 2018

Hi everyone,

A parent from School was asking how things were progressing with the Campus, so I thought It was a good idea to give everyone a quick update…

Basically, the teachers are still working with the designers on interior plans and specs. Vicki Ward, the Deputy Head is leading this up. She has visited quite a lot of schools around Scotland, spoken to the Heads of the Schools to discuss what does/doesn’t work, and is now working with the designers on getting it right for our School. Fiona Clarke (OT) has also been involved in this. She is very experienced with new build Schools in Aberdeenshire, and was quite involved with the spec of Alford Academy Campus.

The Build-Construction starts on 2nd April, and it is due to finish 28th Feb 2020, with the School Opening on 30th March 2020.
The only thing that has changed on the exterior plans is Victoria Park. This was the green “unmarked” rectangle of grass across the road from the School. This is now going to be a carpark, I think mainly for staff.

Just to re-iterate, the way that our School runs will not change. IE. Children who have a split placement with the academy or another Primary will still access that placement like they do now. Children who do not access Mainstream facilities will remain in the “St Andrews” School Section. This is with the exception of swimming, where the children will have to walk through the Campus (Academy) corridors. Our kids still have their own dining area, gym hall, therapy rooms and assembly space within the New St Andrews Plan.

If anyone has any queries or concerns, please get in touch. You can send me a private message, and I will help as best I can, or you can call or pop in for a chat with Mrs Drummond or Vicki Ward.

Finally, the Parent Council are having a meeting on Monday 29th January at 13.00 at School. Vicki Ward is going to give us a more detailed update then, so if anyone wants to come along, then that would be great.

Thanks again

Jane Keenan