Relocation Update – September 2017

Dear all,

I went to a Stakeholders meeting last week, and I thought that it would be good to share what happened at the meeting, and also what’s been happening over the last few months regarding the relocation..

First of all, it was a really positive meeting. Now that the move is going ahead, the focus is to get the space right for the kids. Vicky Ward has done loads of work over the summer and has been given the task of specking out the Soft Play/sensory/therapy spaces, and has done an amazing job. She has taken each room and instead of splitting the space between junior and senior pupils, she has designated each room for a different learning experience. So for instance, she has one room that has loads touch pads and interactive things, and then another room that will be low in stimulation for relaxation. They have included a room solely for rebound therapy, and also have a room that I can only describe as something like the holo deck from Star Trek with 3d projected visuals and sounds, so you could be “transported” to things like a supermarket or a rainforest!! She has also been working really closely with Fiona Clarke so the needs of all children are met from a practical point of view.

The next step is the classroom space. Not so much desks and chairs at this point, but more things like plumbing works for sinks, and other stuff that needs to go into design plans.
Stage after that will be Outdoor space, where staff and parents will be invited along to a workshop headed up by the Exterior Architect.
I think thats pretty much all that was discussed.
If there is anything else that I can think of, I’ll let you know!!


Jane Keenan